Understanding the Meaning of Comp Points in Sicbo Gambling

Although not many, there are some trusted online koprok dice gambling agents that provide these comp points for their members. Comp points, which stands for complimentary points, are bonuses given by gambling agents to all regular members. This one reward can be exchanged for various prizes and bonuses in the gambling game you want. In land-based casinos, this is usually in the form of physical prizes that bettors can choose and use.

For example, they will get free airline tickets, luxury watches, tickets to certain shows, sporting events, free food and so on. However, on online sites, these prizes take different forms, namely bettors can get and exchange them for gadgets as the main prize or motorbikes and others. Bettors can also exchange them for prizes that can be played directly in the game, starting from free chips, free spins and bonuses.

The interesting thing about this reward is that it doesn’t matter if you are a bettor agen casino online who like to play with big bets or just play with minimal bets, all of them have the same opportunity and opportunity to be able to get and collect these points whenever you want and exchange them for the desired prize. The more points you collect, the greater the prize you can take home and this makes bettors more enthusiastic about playing.

Maybe many are curious about these comp points and here are some information and common questions that bettors often ask about this bonus, including:

Why do online gambling sites provide these comp points?

One of the reasons why you may see this point in casino agents is because they want to keep you coming back to the site and spending big bucks just with them. However, you should also know that sicbo gambling agents will not offer these points to their bettors if they feel that you will not return to play or rarely use their gambling account to bet. The fact is about 75% to 85% of these comp points go to bettors who are not high rollers but only regular players who use their chips regularly.

How can bettors get this offer?

It is true that all bettors have the opportunity to get these comp points. Usually there is nothing special and bettors are automatically registered in these comp points when they become members of the site. But if not, then you can ask CS. Online koprok dice gambling agents already know well and can control whether bettors spend money playing Sicbo gambling, how often they use their gambling accounts to play and so on. Everything is much more automated with an online system than a manual system like in a land-based casino.