Tricks to Overcome Online Slot Addiction

Tricks to Overcome Online Slot Addiction

The slot game is a game that requires you to collect 3 or more of the same images. Usually the prizes from this sport are expensive money / goods. With the development of net and communication technology, port games can also be played as, ala, according to, online.

When brought to the online realm, many features were added to this slot game to add to the enjoyment of the players. Of course this particular thing makes people even more addicted. If you are also addicted to playing online slot games and want to quit, try these techniques:

1. Do Alamenurut, seriously

As a first step so that the next steps you can successfully apply is to strengthen the heart. By having a serious intention to stop gambling, you will then take the next steps more seriously.

Own awareness of the urge to stop playing adventure slots online must be there. To stabilize yourself and seriously quit this match this is indeed difficult because there are various temptations. However, slowly you will definitely be able to. You don’t need to stop right away, show your progress to be able to get out of the sport.

2. Fulfill the Day With Various Activities

To stay away from online slot games, fill your day with lots of activities. Choose a lot of positive work, which might increase your economic coffers, make you healthier, or increase your concern for the environment and other people.

If you are fond of writing, you may be able to freelance compiler for various media. You can spend the time exercising if the crew likes it. Joining a community that cares about others or the environment can also be a way out for members who have a high social spirit.


3. Avoid Everything That Intacts

In order not to return to playing slot games on the net, you must avoid everything that can make you return to this game. If you are playing through the application, delete the online sports position application. For example playing with a site, delete the site’s history.

For those who are addicted to online slot machine game sports in very severe amounts. You get to avoid cell phones or laptops for a while. Disconnecting the internet connection at leisure also gets a solution for you to avoid the way to bet on online slot games again.

4. Avoiding Other Players

Most of our activities have been unconsciously influenced by the environment. We will then carry out positive activities if our environment is positive blogging. Vice versa. SBOBET people say that for example our personalities are influenced by the 5 people closest to you.

As much as possible avoid other players who can impact you to play online slot sports again. When you meet them, refuse it gently without breaking your friendship with them. Say that you have stopped playing or are out of time.

a few. Understanding the Consequences

Playing online activity slots using real money has a negative effect on the player. Some of the consequences of addiction to playing online slot games are reduced ability to make correct decisions, increased stress, depression, and suicide.

Understand that there are consequences for the judi slot jackpot terbesar that might upset you mentally until it ends up killing yourself. Think about the negative effects that online sports slots have had on you.

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6. Seek Support To Quit

Prime you should be honest first with yourself as well as the environment about the extent to which you have been addicted to slot games on the internet. Once our social environment, for example, the family has found out the extent of your opium and your intention to quit, ask for their support to help you.

Family support is very effective in eliminating your addiction to gambling. Often spending time with your family makes you forget for a moment about online slot games.

7. Find a Psychologist

Game position is a gambling match and betting addiction has been required by WHO ALSO as a mental illness. If you are addicted – over the limit, there is nothing wrong with meeting someone who is an expert.

If we have played an online position game, it will interfere with activities and finances, immediately face psychologists, such as psychiatrists and psychologists. Psychologists or psychiatrists can come up with well-known solutions and listen to our remarks.

It’s not easy to quit playing slot machine games online. However, you can do it naturally, slowly. With the 7 actions we’ve discussed in directions, immediately start from the first act by gathering intents.