Pay attention to the Contacts on the site

You can also pay attention to the various types of contacts available on these online slot sites. The contact on the site is used to help you if you have trouble in the game or don’t understand what you are doing on the site.

Usually, a trusted online slot site will reply in situs judi og plus a matter of seconds if someone tries to contact their customer service. But this is inversely proportional if you play on a website that is not clear or fake. They will take a very long time to respond to your chat or complaint, even some of them don’t reply to them.

Reasonable bonuses and offers
Lots of online slot sites or websites that provide unreasonable bonuses or offers such as bonuses that are above 70% or cashback up to 100%.

Of course this is not true, if you find an ad where to play online slot gambling as above, there is no doubt that the website is a fraud.

Once again, which agent or site wants to give its players a bonus of up to 50%. Only on Fontana99 if you are a member who wants to register and have never registered before on Fontana99 you will get an initial bonus of 50% at the initial deposit.

Those are some of the information that I can share this time, so don’t choose the wrong agent to play online slots.