How to play over under to win along with the formula to calculate it

How to play over under online official soccer agents is one of the most favorite types of bets at this time, where this bet in addition to benefiting players, of course, has a simple playing procedure.

Over-under betting certainly has its own meaning in soccer gambling, where if a player places an over bet, the total number of goals in the match must exceed the benchmark on the specified ball market.

However, if the agen casino online player bets under, of course, to win, the total number of goals produced by the two competing teams must of course be below the ball market benchmark, of course.

It is necessary to pay attention to how to play Hokibet99 over under when betting on European Cup football, usually in this type of online soccer betting bet, more emphasis is placed on the odds benchmark because in over under betting there are two different types of odds.

Negative Odds

When in an over under bet that has negative odds on the ball betting market, usually when the market value has a mark of -1.5 and after that the player places a bet of Rp 100,000.

So the calculation of this bet is that if the player wins then it will be paid with the same amount of capital bet.

However, if the player loses then IDR 100,000 x 1.5 = IDR 150,000, then the player must accept a loss of IDR 150,000 of course.

Positive Odds

The situation is different with over -under bets that have a positive value, where if a player bets Rp 100,000 on a bet with odds of 1.45, then if he wins, he will be paid Rp 145,000.

Of course, if the player who bets over Bandar Judi Casino under at these positive odds loses, then the defeat of this player will automatically only amount to Rp. 100,000.

How to Play Over Under Easily Accepted By All Players

Of course in over under betting there is a market and also an explanation which must be known by the player before deciding to bet.

  • Market Over Under 1.5–2 = 1 3/4 ball.
  • Market Over Under 2.0 = 2 balls.
  • Market Over Under 2.25 = 2 1/4 balls.
  • Market Over Under 2.5 = 2 1/2 balls.

For example, in placing odds of 2.5, for example, a player places an over, of course the total number of goals from both sides competing must reach 4 goals in order to get a full victory.

However, if the final result of the total goal only reaches 3 goals, then it can be ensured that the result of the installation of the Hokibet99 player only won half.

If the total goals from the two teams only reach the amount of 2 even 1 goal, it can be confirmed that the player’s bet will be declared lost.

Of course, the way to play from over-under bets is the same, it’s just that the difference is the odds value and the type of bet for each match that is done by the player, of course.

Apart from that, the type of placing 1×2 soccer bets is also a very popular type of bet among players, by learning how to install it, of course, it will add Hokibet99 player insight.

That’s how to play over under on a 24-hour online soccer gambling site that we can review on this occasion, hopefully with the information above it can help players to bet over under, thank you.


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