Holdem Poker – Learn to Win by Lying

Get easy tips that will help you bluff your opponents while playing Texas Holdem or any other poker game.

When playing any game of poker and especially Texas Holdem, bluffing to win is a necessary but dangerous tactic. If you do well, you win, if you do poorly, you lose. At first glance, it seemed like the opportunity was worth it, but it wasn’t. Unless you can bluff like an expert and unless the conditions are right, don’t bluff. Keep in mind that if caught bluffing in Texas Holdem, you will not only lose, but you will also lose a large amount of money.

1) Check if the britainusa.com group of players is playing for small pots. The biggest reason why you should do this is because it’s easier to fool a small group than a large group. Another worthy issue is if the players are many, some may just be stupid and don’t fully understand the true extent of your bluff. Whatever the case, you should consider that large groups are harder to bluff. Don’t argue. Indeed so.

3) If you are in last position before the dealer and no one has raised the pot, raise the hand greater than the one who raised the hand so far. This will tell other players that you have a strong hand, and since no one raised their hand in the last round, it means they have no confidence in their hand or they are hoping to get the cards they need in the next round, and a big bet on here can make them change their mind about staying in the hand, but don’t make really big bets, the good players at the table will see you and will call your bluff.

c) Seating is very important for bluffing. If you are the first player when playing Texas Holdem to make a decision, or if you are the last player to decide, you have an edge over the other players. If you sit down early, you can terrorize the rest by placing big bets when the Holdem Dealer asks you to make a move. Big bets placed early in the round will scare away players with small hands and leave you playing with only a select few. Likewise, if you are the last player in line, you are in the best position to know which players are willing to bet and which are not. If players keep playing without raising bets, this is your chance. Raise the stakes.

4) The best time to bluff is after you have won a big round where someone forces you to expose your cards and you show a strong hand. All the players around will start to look at you respectfully. This is precisely the time to attack and bluff in the next round while they are still tired of dealing with you and the cards you hold. If possible, try and play this round of Texas Hold’em in exactly the same way as you did before and it will confuse them completely.

e) Since you are playing Texas Holdem, pay attention to the cards the dealer places face up on the poker table. If you find that the cards that are lowered form a weak pair, start bluffing. Others will think you have a card to make a triple, and will back away in fright.

f) Just like in other games, you have to memorize your opponent’s playing patterns. Some will hesitate, some will always bet while others will think and then move confidently. All you have to do is look for certain players who play Texas Holdem carefully without taking any risks. This is one that you can bluff and make them fold their cards even if yours is a big zero.


Bluffing is not much different from lying on a test or to a friend. If you’re a good liar, you’ll be able to bluff with more confidence than others. But you need to reduce the amount you lie because in life people tend to believe you, in Texas Hold’em, players are less likely to believe you.