Guide on how to read and play over under in online soccer gambling

In online soccer gambling, there are various types of bets in the game. The types of bets found in online soccer gambling are Handicap (HDP), 1×2 (Win/Draw/Lose), Over/Under (O/U) and Odd/Even (Even/Odd). In this explanation, we will explain a guide on how to read and play judi bola nova88 Over/Under (O/U) in online soccer gambling. Many people sometimes feel dizzy when they start betting the football they do, because every soccer bet has different rules from each market provided by the online soccer gambling site. In the Over/Under (O/U) football market, there are many soccer betting markets that have even become a popular market for bettors in Indonesia.

Here’s how to read Over/Under (O/U) in online football gambling:

If the Over Under market is determined by round numbers which may also occur in some match cases, then if there is a total goal equal to the market number all pairs will be refunded because bets are considered to end in a draw.

The winning fund that will be obtained by the member will be in accordance with the initial pair and the odds that apply for the competition are in accordance with the choice of pair used by the member.

Determination of Over Under Wins

Unlike most other types of bets which will depend on one team winning, the Over Under pair will purely determine the winner through the total goals that occurred in the match.

Juventus v Bayern Munich (UEFA Champions League) = O/U 2.5

Members who install in Under 2.5 and Over 2.5, meaning that if the total goals created in the match are 0, 1 and 2, Daftar Judi Slot Online then members who install Under 2.5 will be considered winners, while if the total goals created is more than 2 goals or 3 goals and next then the member who installs Over 2.5 will be considered the winner.

The result of the match in this example is 2-2 so that the total goals created in the match are 2+2 which is 4 goals, thus the pair in Over 2.5 will be considered the winner and get the winning funds according to the Odds applicable in the pair the member.

Arsenal v Barcelona (UEFA Champions League) = O/U 2

Members placing in Over 2 and Under 2, meaning that if the total goals are 0 and 1 then the member who installs Under will be considered the winner, and if the total goals are 3, 4 and so on then the member who installs Over will be considered the winner. While specifically for the round market, when the match ends with a total of goals equal to two pairs of bets are considered equal and the pair’s funds will be returned to each member who participates in the bet.

In the case that the match ends with a 0-2 result for Barcelona to win, it means that bets of the Over/Under type with the selected pair of odds will be considered a draw and the pair funds will be returned to each member.

Winning Funds based on Odds and Over Under Pair Options

In a football match the Over/Under market and odds will appear with several options especially when the match is nearing time or the match is in progress, for example the O/U market will appear for the total goals in the first half only (HT) with special odds.

The odds and the choice of this pair will determine the total winnings obtained, for example in the case example below (see picture) we will be faced with a choice of different odds if we choose over and choose under in the Tottenham Hotspur vs AC Milan match at Full Time O/U Solaire99.

The calculation of our winning funds will be visible on the left side when we confirm the bet. In this case the value of the pair is Over/Under 3 Market with Kei/Odds of 1.29 which will continue to move, and the Odds that we place are according to the time when we select Odds on the main screen Solaire99.

To confirm the pair we must first click on submit and our partner’s funds will be taken from the credit we have to be included in the running partner list during the match.

If we put Over as much as 100, then the maximum funds that we will receive is the amount of betting + (Number of betting + Odds) Example 100 + (100 x 1.29) = 229. Thus it is worth noting that our winning Solaire99 funds will be much in accordance with the odds. applies.


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