The world of gambling is a hobby that is considered as a business opportunity for some people around the world. Actually, the gamblers themselves know what negative impacts can result from playing agen judi sbobet gambling. However, gambling activities are still carried out and are very popular with the community. It can be seen by the increasing presence of casino betting houses and several online gambling sites which have skyrocketed from year to year.

There are several countries that are listed as gambling addict countries with a fantastic history of losing and winning, and it is all at stake by the citizens of these countries. Not infrequently many people who make gambling as a business to be able to make abundant money. Even though they often lose, gamblers don’t seem to give up before winning.

7 countries where gambling addicts are spread all over the world


The country, known as the country of the god Zeus, has actually experienced an economic crisis that took place in the past few years. As a result of this case, in an effort to increase state revenue, Greece finally sold one of the state assets, namely a gambling company which was handled by the OPAP (Greek Organization of Football Prognostic SA) state. But it turned out that Greece was defeated and was recorded to be able to spend 420 USD for a defeat that its citizens do per year.


Spain is one of the countries with a high gambling rate. Therefore, the government imposed a high tax of 20% on prizes or bonuses in the form of sweepstakes in an effort to reduce the level of gambling in the country. There are about 65% of Spanish people who prefer to play Fontana99 gambling through online gambling sites compared to playing directly at home casinos. There is one online gambling site that is very well known and has the largest number of members in Spain, namely Sport Betting. Spain is estimated to lose 418 USD per year due to the defeat of its citizens.


One of the official means of betting places website judi bola in Hong Kong which is also the largest tax distributor is the Jockey Club. Jockey Club facilitates various types of bets such as horse racing, sports belling and lottery. Hong Kong can get a big tax increase from the gambling business. And Hong Kong also loses around 503 USD per year from the defeat of its citizens in gambling.


The Norwegian government legalized 2 gambling facilities that offer various types and methods of gambling, namely Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. Other gambling facilities are considered illegal in addition to the 2 names mentioned above. The Norwegian government in an effort to reduce the high number of gambling finally made a policy for all banks in Norway not to allow their customers to make payment methods using debit cards for all gambling facilities in Spain, be it casino houses or online gambling sites. Norwegians alone lose as much as 448 USD per year.


One of these countries actually really supports the gambling business which is useful for improving the social life and health of its people. The Finnish government then issued a policy in the economic field to introduce laws aimed at increasing monopoly in the field of gambling itself and preventing the occurrence of illegal gambling. Finns alone can spend about 553 USD per year as the value of the bet.


Gambling in Canada is legal with gambling regulations that have been established throughout the territory. Canadians mostly like gambling games such as Blackjack, Poker, and Sport Betting. From the gambling business itself, it turns out to be able to provide a large income for the country. Gambling entrepreneurs in Canada are required to have clear books of account. Canadians alone can afford to spend 568 USD per year on the basis of losing in gambling Fontana99.


The Italian state in the past 10 years has had policies and statutory provisions that can facilitate the gambling business. As a result, the state has finally realized the enormous increase in the number of gambling activities across the territory of Italy. Because some people are very addicted to gambling, finally in 2014 the government made a decision to prevent gambling Fontana99. Most Italians manage to spend around 517 USD per year due to the defeat of the majority of these gamblers.

Those are some reviews about which countries are considered as gambling addict countries spread all over the world. Indonesia itself has not been included in the list because the Indonesian government strictly prohibits the practice of gambling in the country. This is all done according to a long-established law. But for gambling lovers now there is no need to worry anymore because now there are many online gambling agents out there who can be trusted.


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